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Permissions Form ) When viewed with supernatural/mystical/magical/spiritual powers, Kira will look like this.
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[Public Network]

Would anyone be interested in going to a show at the Moulin Rouge with me? I know it's super kitch-y and touristy, but I don't think I can resist.

Does anyone have any cool spots they'd really like to show me? The first few days I'll be busy, but after that, I'm up for whatever!

[Pack Filter]

You guys, Scott and I are going to be incommunicado for a couple of days. [Gosh Kira, between that clue-bomb and the way you're grinning, you may as well wear a sign explaining your intentions around your neck.] But don't worry, we'll catch up with you all well before we're ready to ship out!

[Action for Scott]

[Don't ask how she did it, but Kira somehow did - she's managed to rent a little studio at the top of the stairs of a quaint little building in Montmartre. Perhaps it's where some famous painter brought an equally famous painting to life, or Christian typed out the final act of Satine's life Regardless, it has a lovely view of the Paris skyline, even if one has to climb up several flights of stairs to get to it.

It's only two, maybe three days if Scott presses, but they're days that solely belong to Scott and Kira. The street below has a grocer, a florist, and a cafe, so if the pair venture out of the little apartment for essentials, they're close at hand.

But chances are they're not venturing out often, until it's at last time to rejoin the world.]

[Action OTA]

[Kira absolutely adores Paris. Once her time frees up, she's excited for just about any offer to go anywhere within the city with those she considers her friends though when it comes to the museums she finds she far prefers the ones that emphasize history over art. Mainly she enjoys exploring the streets of the city themselves, but the thing Kira enjoys most of all? The food. If she didn't have a kitsune's metabolism she'd probably end up gaining a few pounds, but even if she didn't, at least going out and dancing helps.

In the end, she'll leave Paris having had the time of her life.]

6th Tail

Apr. 25th, 2015 10:45 am
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[Kira's face. She looks troubled, which even during the worst of times, is unlike her.]

Scott's recovering despite the best efforts of some people.

Dr. Facilier's rooms are gone. He didn't graduate. Is it a failure if an inmate leaves before graduating?

[Because it feels like a failure to Kira.]

6th Tail

Mar. 3rd, 2015 07:48 pm
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[Action Spam: Reserved for Scott]

[There's a point at which Kira doesn't realize she's sleeping. It's the deepest, darkest part of slumber and it's only the moments as her consciousness slowly elevates that such a deep level of sleep is truly appreciated.

But the next layer of consciousness is the realization that she's sleeping, and her brain weighs the desire to wake up versus the urge to sink back into slumber. Kira's not lazy by nature, but she's comfortable and the resonance of her dreams have been if not good, than at least interesting. Kira lets herself drift, and remains asleep.

Finally though, her brain and body have simply had enough rest. She can't really say where the uge comes from. Maybe it's a simple neurochemical decision. Maybe it's magic. Maybe it's some outside stimulus.

Kira opens her eyes.]

[Network: OTA]

[Kira's awake. She smiles into the device's camera and offers a little wave of her hand.]

I'm okay now. I'm sorry if I worried anybody. I don't exactly remember what happened. The last thing I remember was being in the music room, practicing a song. I heard the Barge was at port while I was asleep, and I hope everyone's okay. Did I miss anything important? Does anybody need anything from me?

[Network: Pack Filter]

Sound off, guys. Is everyone okay?

[Network: Private to Facilier]

Check in with me, please. Also, I want to talk to you about Tucky.
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I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to help Facilier.

Part of why he is the way he is, is because he's been marginalized. And while I can't say I've had as much direct experience as he's had with that kind of situation, my mother certainly has. He's made choices that grant him power over others because he's felt powerless himself.

I don't think menial labor is going to be a productive part of any rehabilitation I offer him, but I do want him to take on some form of responsibility in which he has to care for someone or something's well being even in some small degree.

I don't think he understands that loyalty and friendship and love of any kind can make a person inclined to act without expectation. That you can do things for other people without expecting to get something in return. I'm pretty sure these are the core problems, but I'm not sure how to go about addressing them.

Any advice, especially from wardens with a lot of experience, would be super helpful.
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A young man, albeit with quite feminine features, Kiro Yukimura foregoes the trappings of Western Europe and prefers the clothing of a Renaissance era swordsman from Japan.]

If perhaps the matter lacks clarity
Then let it be most assuredly known
I swear upon my life, my loyalty
Those who seek to harm my most gracious lord
Shall be met with the sharpness of my blade.
No other than Lord McCall commands me
My fealty and love are sworn to him.


[Young 'Master' Kiro can be found in pretty much the same places that his alter ego Kira can; 'he' greatly enjoys strolling the deck, or engaging in keeping his weapon skills sharp in the enclosure. He partakes of food and drink in the dining hall as well as the pub when he's feeling raucous, and seeks serenity in the library or the greenhouse when in need of peace and quiet.]

(ooc: Prose or action spam is fine, I will adjust to your preference! Please note I'd still welcome an "Olivia" to chase after "Kiro".)
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[Clan Yukimura is a tribe, or a skulk, of kitsune folk who live on the border of Narnia that hugs the mountains of the Western Wild. Lithe and cunning, they are able to transform between their fox forms and human forms at will, and they are ruled by Noshiko Nine Tails. Having pledged their loyalty to Aslan and the monarchs of Cair Paravel, Noshiko has sent many of her best warriors to aid in the battle against the White Witch. Leading them is Kira Two Tails, Noshiko's own daughter and heir.

Despite being known for their stealth, when they return from their hunts and scouting parties, their arrival is often heralded by yips, high pithched trills, and howls signaling their approach of Aslan's camp. In human form they ride a variety of steeds, from horses to unicorns to centaurs they've allied with, and each saddle has an extra pad upon which each kitsune may cling and perch on when in their fox form.

At the head of the cacophany is Kira herself, dressed in her tribe's clothing and paying no heed to the chill. She rises while still astride, even going so far as to pull her feet out of the stirrup to stand up on the saddle, and vaults herself into the air. Her body shimmers and transforms as flips, and lands in the form of a fox, her two tails aflutter behind her.

There are many other places she may be found. When not scouting and engaging in skirmishes with the forces of Jadis, she frequents the pathways of Aslan's Camp, offering guardianship, counsel and advice to the kings and queens, and enjoying the company of her fellow Narnians. Within the Yukimura encampment, she has her own tent, somehow managing to be both warm and inviting while also being stacked full of weapons.]

(ooc: action spam or prose is fine, I will adjust my tag style to your preference!)

3rd Tail

Dec. 2nd, 2014 03:52 pm
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[Kira is in the music room, standing by the piano, glancing sidelong at someone out of frame as she positions her device. She offers a nervous smile to the camera.]

So Bleu asked me to give her an example of contemporary music. I thought long and hard about it, because I mean, how do you try to encompass all those different styles? You can't, not really. So I thought at very least I could offer one example that I love, and hey Bleu, if you want to hear more or something different, just let me know.

Also, I have a message for my friends.

[She turns her head toward her accompanist.] You ready, Ben? One, two, three, four.

[The piano intro begins, Kira's head bobbing a little to the music. For anyone familiar with pop music of the last couple of years, it's Brave by Sara Bareilles.

As she sings, she holds up a series of placards with text written in black marker, just like that dude from Love, Actually.]

Placards )

[When the song ends, she offers the comm device another quirked grin before leaning forward to turn it off.]

(ooc: Yes, that is Arden Cho. I couldn't resist! Forgive me if it's too cheesy.)
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[Open Video]

When you see me, you always recognize me, but I only show you what you show me.

[There is an uncanny tilt of her head.] What am I?

[A slow smile spreads across her face.]

I'm feeling a little peckish.

[Private Video to Scott, Stiles, Lydia, & Allison]

[The smile never wavers, and her voice is a purr.]

Where are you?

[Action Spam]

Kira can be found in a number of places throughout the Barge; the nogitsune's curiousity and trickster will frequently lead her into all the nooks and crannies. Even if the food served in the mess hall can no longer sustain her, she likes to go there because it's a social hub and it allows her to observe her fellow inmates as well as the wardens. As ever, she enjoys going on deck to watch the stars, and if she can persuade a Warden to help her, the CES will often remind her of home.

Of course, a girl's got to eat, and one who feeds on chaos, pain, and strife will not lack for nourishment on the barge.

[ooc: feel free to plurk me at [plurk.com profile] princesscupcake if you'd like to have Kira torture/feed on your character, or just note it in the header!]
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Kira could be thankful that when she ended up in the forest, she had her katana with her. Maybe she would have been able to defend herself without it, but she didn't want to think about having to try.

On the first day, she spends most of her time keeping her distance from others, confused by how some of them seem inclined to steer clear of her in turn. By the second day she's to encounter Allison, and with a better understanding of what's going on, she spends the rest of her time trying to search for other benevolent souls and protect them. When she encounters people she believes are good or in need of protection, Kira teaches them a kanji that they can use to indicate they have been in contact with her.

When necessary she tries to pretend she's the nogitsune. She doesn't want to hurt - she hates the idea of having to kill - but she's prepared to defend herself if she has to. When she can, she runs unless forced to fight. She just wants to make it through however long it'll take to get safely back to the barge.
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chaos. pain. strife.
everyone has it, but no one can lose it. what is it?
After Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent sacrificed themselves in order to empower the Nemeton, they unexpectedly freed the nogitsune captured within it. Betrayed by Noshiko Yukimura, it sought out a host in order to pursue its one driving goal: revenge. It needed a host body to possess, and there was only one choice that would harm Noshiko the most. Her daughter, Kira. A young thunder kitsune only just coming into her power, she had no defense against the nogitsune. It took over her body and began to relentlessly cause chaos, pain, and strife, feeding on these emotions in others once they'd suffered as a result of her malevolent efforts.

Kira is now a Warden on the Barge, but she is as willing to feed on her fellow wardens as she is on the inmates. Some, like Lydia Martin, have struck deals with her in order to avoid being one of her meals.

Of course, all is not peaceful between the two of them, as the nogitsune finds itself drawn to Lydia's enemy, Scott McCall. He is both a source of sustenance as well as a provider, as Kira enjoys encouraging his monstrous behavior, and likewise does has no qualms about feeding off his pack members, such as Stiles Stilinski. Allison Argent and Jerry Dandridge are amongst some of the nogitsune's preferred meals.

Kira considers herself an apex predator of the Barge. RP points for her can include inmates and wardens who've struck deals with her, inmates and wardens she feeds upon, and attempts to engage her in the barge's various power struggles. Kira can be a powerful ally and she cannot break any bargain she makes, however anyone who breaks a bargain with her will render her insatiable and even more dangerous.
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1st Tail

Sep. 10th, 2014 09:12 am
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[Kira sits under the camera, grinning a bit in expectation. She takes a deep breath as she looks around, and then addresses her audience, such as it is.]

Okay, so after getting settled in the first thing I did was go up on the deck. It's funny how you see movies and look at pictures in books, but it's totally true that nothing can prepare you for how vast space actually is. It seems like people have two reactions to it, either they're completely overwhelmed by it, like in a bad 'I can't take this' way, or they think it's amazing.

[She leans forward earnestly.]

It's amaaaaazing!

[She bounces in her chair, though gradually she slows down, and settles into a more serious expression.]

I haven't been assigned an inmate yet, and to be honest, I'm nervous. I mean, I'm supposed to help them, right? But what if I can't? What if they don't want to be helped? What if I have to - I don't know, I'm not particularly mean or anything. But what if I have to be?

[Her mouth scrunches up a little.]

I'll figure this out. I have to.

[Maybe indicating she has doubts or worries about her performance as a warden is a mistake, but well, live and learn, little kitsune.]

App for TLV

Sep. 3rd, 2014 10:57 pm
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User Name/Nick: Cupcake
User DW: [personal profile] whatthefoxsay
AIM/IM: [plurk.com profile] princesscupcake, AIM: Rommie XMC10182
E-mail: scapebabe AT gmail DOT com
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Kira Yukimura
Series: Teen Wolf
Age: 17
From When?: After 'The Divine Move'.

Warden: Warden. There is no doubting Kira's motivation to do what is right, and it is innately in her nature to want to help others. Sometimes this bites her in the ass - she can often interject where she has not been invited, or put in unasked for effort that ends up without any kind of pay-off - not that the pay-off is always the point. She doesn't hesitate to protect and defend the innocent, even when it means defying her own parents, and even when it involves defending people she doesn't even know. Her faith in others and unflaggingly hopeful nature may just be what the right inmate needs to be set on the path to redemption.

As a Warden, it's going to take some extreme behavior for her to even remotely consider what others might regard as 'harsh' punishment. Her initial attempt at trying to rehabilitate an inmate would be to talk to them, and try to understand their story and perspective. She is interested in leading them but allowing them to come around to understanding their errors themselves; by encouraging acts of redemption rather than meting out punishment. Of course, that doesn't mean if she is forced to deal with a particularly stubborn inmate that she won't resort to harder methods...or even imposing her will. She certainly won't hesitate to defend herself against an inmate or protect others she deems innocent.

Item: Her ancestral katana.

· Kira is able to absorb massive amounts of electricity and ground it within herself. She is also able to generate electricity at will, at minimum enough to light up a bulb when she touches it.
· As a Thunder Kistsune, Kira is able to create "foxfire". Legend says it is generated when a kitsune rubs its tails together. Kira was able to manifest it through her hands and with her mother's guidance, used it to reassemble their family's ancestral katana.
· As a kitsune, Kira is able to regenerate and heal from even mortal wounds, given enough time and opportunity to rest. Casual wounds, like a slice across the palm, heal in seconds. As with werewolves, Kira's healing abilities are triggered by pain. Kitsune are also invulnerable toward all forms of mortal sickness. Kira's never even had so much as a common cold.
· While not entirely immortal, kitsune are very long lived. Kira's mother is 900 years old.
· Kira has both supernatural dexterity and speed. She has been able to leap over cars while performing a flip as well as run faster than even a top notch high school athlete, fast enough that even a werewolf almost couldn't keep up with her, and she was able to do so without getting winded.
· Kira is able to pick up combat skills at an unnatural rate. She is able to expertly wield a katana in less than a day and is able to pick up and use Allison's crossbow efficiently without any evidence of previous training.
· Some kitsune are able to create physical representations of their tails in order to harness their power in the material world. Kira's mother Noshiko uses a set of blades as the representation of her tails to summon powerful spirits to fight her enemy, though as the blades are destroyed, the oni lose power, and when the last blade is destroyed, the person who is holding it can actually assume control of the oni. It is unknown as to whether Kira can do this - she may be too young or the wrong kind of kitsune - but it's important to note.
· Kitsune are capable of calling upon their ancestor spirits to help them in times of great need. There is great danger in this, because some types of kitsune spirits are highly malevolent, such as the nogitsune, or 'void kitsune'. It is unknown as to whether Kira can do this - again, she may be too young, or be the wrong kind of kitsune, but again, it's important to note.
· As a young kitsune, Kira is unable to hide her fox aura from those with supernatural sight such as werewolves. Her aura also manifests when her picture is taken in the form of glowing lights surrounding her.

Personality: There is something innately contrary about Kira when she first appears. She initially presents herself as being something of an introvert, causing her father, who teaches at the high school she attends to make a point of drawing attention to her in the hopes that other students will notice her and make friends. However there's evidence of proactivity on Kira's part when given the opportunity. As Scott and his buddies tend to have a habit of discussing the supernatural world at something less than a whispered volume while in public, Kira walks right on up and joins the conversation. She also reintroduces herself to Scott at one point in a nervous (if charming manner), and after Allison's death is found querying Lydia about the appropriate time to approach Scott once more. So rather than being an introvert, it's more that Kira is somewhat socially awkward, either actively choosing to or not being inherently aware of how most people would pick up on certain social cues.

When she begins to exhibit the aura flares on camera that are actually her aura as a young kitsune, Kira does not understand what is going on and is afraid of revealing her problems to anyone out of fear. While learning about who you are is a big part of teenage life experience, Kira must also learn about what she is, and when one day you're an average teenage girl and the next a supernatural being tht may live for a millenia, that's a pretty big deal. Even as Kira begins to develop her abilities, she may be able to instantly learn how to use a katana like an expert and flip over cars, but she still trips on her own feet going down a staircase when trying to distract a boy.

Everyone knows the saying regarding great power and great responsibility, and Kira's choices reflect that she believes this is true. She not only chooses to help her friends, but she refuses to lose faith in them. As she, Scott, and his pack battled the nogitsune, she refuses to simply follow her mother's path and kill Stiles, but had faith that they would be able to find a way to save him. She is not afraid to make her own decisions, even going so far as to forego contact with her parents when she questioned the nature in which they chose to pursue dealing with the nogitsune. Kira is essentially an optomist, confident and ready to trust those she believes to be her friends.

Her relationship with her parents is complicated. Of course she loves them, but they've been keeping some pretty significant secrets from her from the time she was born. Being told by your mother that she is a 900 year old supernatural being is some pretty heavy stuff, and Noshiko's process for teaching Kira involves some very roundabout methods that frustrate her daughter. Kira's father is presently far more relatable to her, even though he's only human. But if she's gotten anything from him, it's the ability to adapt to new situations and being unafraid to challenge the status quo for the right cause.

Revision Edit: It all paints a picture of a cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl, but Kira is not without her flaws. As mentioned previously, Kira suffers from an inability to read social cues, which often creates awkward social situations and may lead her to reading a situation wrong - a prospect that could certainly come back and bite her during her time on the Barge. She is easily embarrassed, particularly by her parents and especially when her own feelings or desires are brought to everyone's attention; she may think they're secret but what she doesn't realize is that it's plain on her face. For a trickster in the form of a girl, Kira can be surprisingly bad at lying, and her self-consciousness tends to manifest mostly in the form of clumsiness.

What hurts her worst is that sometimes Kira can lose the forest for the trees, especially when she's overwhelmed. Being confronted by a large spanning problem often leads her to be a little lost, and she is not the best at planning when it comes to elaborate schemes. The barge is a stressful place, and Kira desperately wants to be as smooth and in control as her mother. She's in place where she still believes that crying means she isn't strong, and Kira is still afraid that she's not as strong as she could be, or should be. Thankfully she has friends already on the Barge, and having them to confide in will make a great deal of difference for her. If she were without them, she'd have to find other ways to cope: find others to confide in, try to focus on elements of her life that she can control so she can regroup, and seek out those she feels are wiser for their help and advice.

Barge Reactions: Kitsune in general are curious, mischievous creatures, known in folklore for being dynamic and embracing change. Kira is no different. In a general sense, the Barge and its purpose are a somewhat daunting prospect, but Kira accepted her deal with open eyes and an open mind, willing to accept the challenge. She already comes from a world that embodies the infamous quote from Hamlet; there are more things on Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Most everything about the Barge is something she embraces with wonder, an awareness of the privilege of being on board, and a sense of obligation to the duty she has agreed to. Meeting characters she previously believed as fictional? Well, that's pretty amazing! Becoming something/someone different, or adapting to the changes in others, for a short time as a result of the floods and breeches? All part of the adventure!

Deal: The Admiral's offer to Kira was simple; in exchange for her service and ultimately the graduation of an inmate, Kira would earn a tail - an advancement in both her knowledge and power with regard to her kitsune abilities.

History: Kira Yukimura's History

Sample Journal Entry: [Kira sits under the camera, grinning a bit in expectation. She takes a deep breath as she looks around, and then addresses the camera.]

Okay, so after getting settled in the first thing I did was go up on the deck. It's funny how you see movies and look at pictures in books, but it's totally true that nothing can prepare you for how vast space actually is. It seems like people have two reactions to it, either they're completely overwhelmed by it, like in a bad 'I can't take this way', or they think it's amazing.

[She leans forward earnestly.]

It's amaaaaazing!

[She bounces in her chair, though gradually she slows down, and settles into a more serious expression.]

I haven't been assigned an inmate yet, and to be honest, I'm nervous. I mean, I'm supposed to help them, right? But what if I can't? What if they don't want to be helped? What if I have to - I don't know, I'm not particularly mean or anything. But what if I have to be?

[Her mouth scrunches up a little.]

I'll figure this out. I have to.

Sample RP: Test Drive Meme.

Special Notes: N/A

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Jun. 18th, 2014 11:28 am
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Concerns, questions, critiques? Lay it on me.

Anon is ON, IP Logging is ON.

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Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: It's fine with me if it's fine with the other players involved.
Fourthwalling: I'd prefer not fourth walling Teen Wolf, however it's fine to have knowledge of kitsune if it makes IC sense.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Ask if you're not sure, and I'll let you know otherwise.


Hugging this character: Hugs are great, but best if she knows you!
Kissing this character: At your own risk ICly.
Flirting with this character: Sure, flirting is fun!
Fighting with this character: Yes, please!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Please talk to me first.
Killing this character: Definitely talk to me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Probably ok, but let's discuss it first.

Warnings: N/A

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